Awards & Recognitions

Throughout his career, Dr. Beckman received numerous awards and recognitions, including the prestigious National Medal of Science, the Presidential Citizens Medal and the National Medal of Technology.


Throughout his long life, Arnold Beckman was as respected as he was admired. Recognized as a brilliant scientist and inventor, he was also known as a devoted family man, civic leader and friend.


* 1957 Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists (AIC)

* 1960 "Illini" Achievement Award, University of Illinois

* 1966 Business Statesman Award, Harvard Business School of Southern California

* 1971 Industrialist of the Year Award, California Museum of Science and Industry 

* 1974 Outstanding Achievement in Business Management, Southern California School of Business Administration

* 1974 SAMA Award, Scientific Apparatus Makers Association

* 1974 Service Through Chemistry Award, American Chemical Society

* 1979 Private Enterprise Award, Pepperdine University 

* 1981 Distinguished Community Service Award, Americanism Education League

* 1981 ISCO Award, University of Nebraska

* 1982 Man of Science Award, Achievement Rewards for College Scientists; (ARC's) Foundation

* 1982 Golden Plate Award, American Academy of Achievement 

* 1983 Rock of Free Enterprise Award, Economic Development Corporation of Orange County

* 1983 Public Affairs Award, Coro Foundation 

* 1984 Outstanding Philanthropist Award, National Society of Fund Raising Executives 

* 1984 Vision Award, Luminaires (a support group for the Estelle Doheny Eye Foundation of Los Angeles)

* 1987 Vermilye Medal (the first of the Benjamin Franklin National Medals), the Franklin Institute

* 1987 National Inventors Hall of Fame, Washington, D.C. 

* 1988 The National Medal of Technology, The President of the United States

* 1989 The National Medal of Science, The President of the United States

* 1989 Presidential Citizens Medal, Washington, D.C.

* 1989 Henry Townley Heald Award, Illinois Institute of Technology

* 1989 Charles Lathrop Parsons Award, American Chemical Society

* 1990 High Tech Industry's Good Scout Award, Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America 

* 1991 Achievement Award for Excellence, Center for Excellence in Education in Washington, D.C. 

* 1991 The Order of Lincoln, the State of Illinois.

* 1992 Bower Award for Business Leadership, The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia

* 1997 Master Entrepreneur of the Year, Ernst & Young, California

* 1997 Treasure of Los Angeles Award

* 1998 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Award, Chapman University, California

* 1999 Public Welfare Medal, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C.

Patent Number: Title: 
1,684,659 Signaling Device 
2,038,706 Inking Reel 
2,041,740 Inking Device
2,058,761 Apparatus for Testing Acidity (pH meter) 
2,277,287 Coating Materials such as Paper Bread Wrappers 
2,302,097 Swing Spout Device for Dispensing Liquids 
2,348,103 Soil Surveying for Oil Deposits
2,351,579 Method and Apparatus for Proportioning 
2,351,580 Method and Apparatus for Proportioning 
2,454,986 Variable Resistance Device (Helipot)
2,473,048 Variable Resistance Unit 
2,613,126 Recording Apparatus for Recording Gas Concentrations in the Atmosphere 
2,755,243 Electrochemical Electrode Structure 
3,234,540 Meter Pointer Position Monitoring Means Utilizing Heat Absorbing Vane and Thermistors.