Hossein Robatjazi, PhD

HosseinĀ Robatjazi, PhD
Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow

Award Year:

University of California Santa Barbara

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Research Title:
Atomistic Insights into Surface Phenomena in Heterogeneous Catalysis

Catalysis is a crucial component of the range of technologies, from gasoline production to plastics and polymers, cosmetics and even food industries. Developing fundamental insights into how catalytic transformations proceed on the catalyst surface enables precise design of new and improved catalysts that can directly impact our daily lives. Despite considerable scientific contributions over many years, our knowledge of molecular-scale phenomena on catalyst surface is in many cases very primitive. Here, we propose a highly promising solution to this challenges by developing a strategy based on atomic-scale characterization technique that enables extracting structural and electronic information of the surface simultaneously during catalytic operating condition.

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