2015 Beckman Symposium   

Crystal Collier

Presentation Date:

Crystal Collier

38 - Regulation of lysosome function by lysosome Ca2+ stores

University of Michigan

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Lysosomes are acidic organelles that contain high Ca2+. Lysosomes are necessary for effective clearance and recycling of cellular waste. When lysosome function is impaired, incompletely digested materials accumulate in the lysosome leading to lysosome storage. There are over 50 known Lysosome Storage Disorders (LSDs). The mechanisms of some LSDs are not yet well understood. It is generally accepted that some of these disorders arise from problems within the lysosome such as enzymatic dysfunction and membrane trafficking. Lysosomal Ca2+ plays an essential role in regulating membrane trafficking in the lysosome, and defective lysosomal Ca2+ release causes lysosome storage. By measuring levels of Lamp1 as readout for lysosome storage, I have been investigating the consequences of disrupting the lysosome calcium store on lysosome function. The findings of this research will improve the understanding of mechanisms necessary for lysosome function.

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