2015 Beckman Symposium   

Kamal Shah

Presentation Date:

Kamal Shah

14 - Design of a paper and plastic microfluidic platform for the quantitative detection of amplified HIV DNA

William Marsh Rice University


Although antiretroviral drugs are a promising treatment for HIV, children in the developing countries cannot receive an appropriate dose because there exist no viable techniques to measure their HIV viral load at the point of care. In response, we are developing an easy-to-use, DNA-based lateral flow assay to quantify HIV viral loads. The assay consists of a paper strip in which the colorimetric intensity of a line is proportional to the DNA concentration. We tested the performance of the assay upon simulated long-term storage in the developing world at elevated and room temperatures, and found that the assay has a limit of detection similar to its theoretical performance. We further developed an integrated microfluidic device that delivers amplified HIV DNA to the assay. We plan to use these positive results to guide the design of an integrated point-of-care device to quantify HIV viral load for children in the developing world.

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