2015 Beckman Symposium   

Michael Turlingtonn

Presentation Date:

Michael Turlingtonn

Metal-to-Metal Charge Transfer in Ethynylferrocene Appended Titanocenes

Furman University


Dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) have shown promise in transforming solar energy into stored chemical energy. However, before DSSCs can be used on a global scale, the charge transfer dyes containing rare and expensive transition metals need to be replaced with cheaper materials. Recently, our lab has studied a bimetallic complex with an ethynyl linkage between Ti(IV) and ferrocene (Fc), Cp2Ti(C2Fc)2.  This complex exhibits an absorbance at 585 nm ascribed to an Fe(II) to Ti(IV) metal-to-metal charge-transfer (MMCT).  In support of this assignment, UV-Vis absorption spectra show that the bands attributed to the MMCT depend on solvent polarity. Cyclic voltammetry suggests that 1.65eV is stored in the charge-separated state.  Time resolved transient absorption spectroscopy is being used to characterize the lifetime of the charge-separated state.  We have also prepared the complex with a butadiynyl linkage, Cp2Ti(C4Fc)2, and are comparing the excited state lifetime with the ethynyl complex.

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