2015 Beckman Symposium   

Rosa Ciccarelli

Presentation Date:

Rosa Ciccarelli


Nucleoside Arylation Using Base-Free Cross-Coupling Reactions

Bucknell University

Organic Chemistry

The discovery of new organophosphorus compounds is of current interest to the synthetic community. Of the current methods available for the synthesis of arylphosphonates, only a few low temperature approaches are known. Since many biomolecules are not stable at the elevated temperatures typically required for the preparation of arylphosphonates, the development of a high yielding method that is tolerant to a wide range of functional groups and functions at low temperatures would offer scientists a valuable way to prepare new derivatives with altered bioactivity. In the course of our investigation, we have also discovered a rare low temperature P-H activation reaction involving secondary phosphites and organometallic compounds. This presentation will focus on the generation of P-metallated nucleosides and their use in base-free cross-coupling reactions that result in the formation of unique arylated nucleosides.

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