2015 Beckman Symposium   

Laurence Shumway, Ph.D., J.D.

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Laurence Shumway, Ph.D., J.D.

Legal Expertise/Patents & Intellectual Property

Novartis Vaccines

Patent Attorney
1999 Beckman Scholar – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Larry Shumway received dual bachelor degrees from UMass, Amherst in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Mathematics and Statistics. Larry was a Beckman Scholar in his junior and senior years at UMass, where he studied programmed cell death and myogenesis. After UMass, Larry was a visiting scholar at MIT, studying signal transduction in silico, for the summer before starting graduate school. For his doctorate, in Harvard’s Biophysics program, Larry studied signal transduction and experimental evolution using classic yeast genetics, flow cytometry, and microarray-based genetics. When Larry came out from the dark of the basement cell sorter facility, he enjoyed playing volleyball throughout graduate school.

Along the way, Larry and his wife married in his first year, had their first child in his third year (while his wife finished her graduate school), and had his daughter a month before his thesis defense. Sometime between their first and second child, Larry began thinking of alternatives to the academic track and chose patent law. After graduating, Larry began his career as a patent agent in a large intellectual property boutique law firm, drafting applications and prosecuting them to mature patents on behalf of biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients of various sizes. Two years later, Larry attended Boston College Law School full time and continued to work part time as a patent agent. Larry moved to a smaller boutique law firm for his last year of law school and gained significant patent litigation experience and counseled a wider-range of clients, including academic institutions. After almost eight years in private practice, Larry moved to in-house practice at Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics (now part of GSK vaccines) in 2014. Larry’s practice continues to touch on all areas of patent prosecution, client counseling, and litigation, but focuses on his one client.

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