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2017 AOB Postdoc Freddy Nguyen, MD/PhD published in Advanced Healthcare Materials

2017 AOB Postdoc Freddy Nguyen, MD/PhD published in Advanced Healthcare Materials: "Implantable Nanosensors for Human Steroid Hormone Sensing In Vivo Using a Self-Templating Corona Phase Molecular Recognition."

Dr. Nguyen also published in Nature Medicine: "Convalescent plasma treatment of severe COVID-19: a propensity score-matched control study."

In addition, Dr. Nguyen published in arxiv: "An Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach to Assess the ZIP Code Level Impact of COVID-19 in NYC."

Lastly, Dr. Nguyen published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases: "Neutralizing Antibody Responses in COVID-19 Convalescent Sera."

Freddy Nguyen W-1794