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2019 Beckman Scholar Ariel Gale began PhD program at Emory and was published four times in 2020

2019 Beckman Scholar Ariel Gale (recent graduate of Furman University & recently began her PhD program at Emory) published four times in 2020!

Ms. Gale published in Quantum Chemistry: "Catalytic activity of water molecules in gas-phase glycine dimerization."

Ms. Gale also published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry: "Water-Mediated Peptide Bond Formation in the Gas Phase: A Model Prebiotic Reaction."

In addition, Ms. Gale published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments: "Computation of Atmospheric Concentrations of Molecular Clusters from ab initio Thermochemistry."

Lastly, in June of this year Ms. Gale published in International Journal of Quantum Chemistry: "Particle formation and surface processes on atmospheric aerosols: A review of applied quantum chemical calculations."

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