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#AMBF40years: A Conversation with Professor Jeffrey Field

Jeffrey Field

Then: 1993 Beckman Young Investigator Award Recipient, University of Pennsylvania
Now: Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

AMBF: When you heard about the Beckman Young Investigator opportunity, what inspired you to apply?

JF: It was my first year as an independent scientist and I had no funding, so I was applying for anything that crossed my desk.

AMBF: What was your research focused on? What were the results?

JF: We had discovered a new protein in yeast and had just learned that it was conserved in mammals. I wanted to work on the mammalian homolog.

AMBF: What effect did being named a Beckman Young Investigator have on your career?

JF: It gave me the resources to expand my work from yeast into mammalian systems.

AMBF: Do you have any advice for PI’s thinking about applying?

JF: At this level everyone is above average, way above. Keep applying.

AMBF: What was the most memorable part about being awarded as a Beckman Young Investigator?

JF: Traveling to the Beckman conference and meeting the other investigators and Dr. Beckman.

AMBF: Any final thoughts?

JF: Stay curious.