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Beckman Foundation Announces Availability of Online Lesson Plans for Middle School Science Students and Teachers

Resources Focus on Science behind the pH Meter, Oxygen Analyzer and Spectrophotometer

The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation announced today the availability of online lesson plans developed with middle school science students in mind. The new resources bring physical items from the Foundation’s Revolutionary Tools museum exhibit into a digital space where they will be accessible to a wider audience during covid-19 and beyond. The goal is to spark the interest of young students who may be curious about science, instrumentation, and/or science careers with audio and visual materials inspired by the contributions of Dr. Arnold O. Beckman.

The student and teacher resources include “Listen & Learn” audio tours, “Let’s Learn Science” pH meter, oxygen analyzer, and spectrophotometer lesson plans for sixth- through eighth-grade students, printable activity worksheets, answer keys for teachers, and Spanish translations.

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of our new lesson plans and online museum tour to our website! We are very proud of our physical museum showcasing the revolutionary laboratory instruments developed by Dr. Beckman, and we realize that bringing this resource online will enable anyone around the world to experience and explore the history of the invention of these instruments and the impact they have had on our understanding of chemistry and engineering,” shared Dr. Anne Hultgren, Executive Director of the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation. “In addition, the lesson plans and teacher resources for the sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade levels are designed to meet science learning objectives and provide teachers with everything they need to bring hands-on experiments into the classroom to understand the physical principles behind these inventions. We hope these resources will help connect students to the legacy of Dr. Beckman and ignite their curiosity and inspire their confidence to approach science and innovation studies.”

Click here to access the new audio tours and online lesson plans, read information about booking an in-person tour of the Revolutionary Tools exhibit, or planning a visit to Beckman Center.

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