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Elizabeth O'Day W-1080

Elizabeth O'Day, PhD

  • Award Recipient

Research Summary

Olaris is a precision medicine company that uses metabolomics and machine learning to develop patient stratification tools. Our patent-pending technology combines NMR spectroscopy, mass spec, statistics, machine learning and a deep understanding of biology to produce "biomarkers of response" (BoR) which let us determine which specific drugs will benefit which specific patients. To date our BoRs have demonstrated success across multiple areas including metastatic breast cancer, immune response, and Parkinson's Disease.

The Beckman Scholar experience allowed me to dedicate myself more fully to my research. It was the first time I realized science was not only something I liked, but something I could turn into my career.

Elizabeth O'Day, PhD
Research Title:

Award Year: 2004
Institution at Time of Award: Boston College