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Arnold Beckman patented many of his early inventions - see the list below.


Patent Number/Title

1,684,659/Signaling Device

2,038,706/Inking Reel

2,041,740/Inking Device

2,058,761/Apparatus for Testing Acidity (pH meter)

2,277,287/Coating Materials such as Paper Bread Wrappers

2,302,097/Swing Spout Device for Dispensing Liquids

2,348,103/Soil Surveying for Oil Deposits

2,351,579/Method and Apparatus for Proportioning

2,351,580/Method and Apparatus for Proportioning

2,454,986/Variable Resistance Device (Helipot)

2,473,048/Variable Resistance Unit

2,613,126/Recording Apparatus for Recording Gas Concentrations in the Atmosphere

2,755,243/Electrochemical Electrode Structure

3,234,540/Meter Pointer Position Monitoring Means Utilizing Heat Absorbing Vane and Thermistors.