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Support to CubeSat - the high school program launching satellites into space

The Mission: "Changing the way students experience STEM"

The CubeSat program brings teams of students from several area high schools together to design, build, test, improve, launch functional satellites into orbit, and then track and analyze the data the satellites send back to Earth!

We love supporting this innovative and groundbreaking STEM program. Hands on learning and student led projects are exactly the type of science learning that Dr. Beckman believed in. The students go from designs to fully functioning satellites - what an accomplishment for these budding scientists!

Dr. Anne Hultgren, Executive Director
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About the Program

The Irvine CubeSat Program is composed of six public high schools from the Tustin and Irvine School Districts. All schools are given specific roles and functions for each CubeSat Mission, to include Avionics, Communication, Propulsion, Power, BioTech, and Prime Contractor.

Mimicking a real-world engineering firm approach to large, complex projects, each team is responsible for communicating their plans and achievements to the rest of the group to ensure that the overall mission is successful.

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