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Hands on science learning kits for K-5 classrooms

Program Overview

Level 1 Training: Initial training for all educators throughout California regarding the process of educating teachers and parents regarding STEM education and NGSS.

Level 2 Training: Grade level specific training with hands-on, inquiry-based lessons with NGSS lessons/units developed by Kids at Science STEM Specialists.

Level 3 Training: Integrated kit training with new scope and sequence to meet NGSS and ELA Common Core Standards. Trainers are certified Kids@Science STEM Specialists who are grounded in hands-on, inquiry-based methodology and skillful in training educators in implementing NGSS/STEM units created and modified by the Kids@Science STEM Specialists.

The best approach to accomplishing our goals is to provide teachers with professional development in STEM and to support them in networking with science advocates to create and certify high quality science leaders. It’s vital that we assist teachers who are passionate about science to collaborate with university and science partners to provide meaningful training with frequency, and to assist teachers to balance the use of textbooks with hands-on science kits. The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation is making that happen through its generous support of Kids@Science.

Lauren Vu-Tran, Kids@Science Program Director
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