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A free event at APS March 2024 intended for all ages, hosted by the American Physical Society Division of Soft Matter Physics

Showcasing Frontiers of Physics and Inspiring Young Students to Pursue STEM Studies and Careers

Sponsored by Beckman Foundation, Squishy Science Sunday is a free event to engage the general public of all ages taking place during the March 2024 American Physical Society* (APS) meeting in Minneapolis, MN. It features an afternoon of hands-on activities, science demonstrations, short talks, and opportunities to meet and talk to physicists one-on-one.

*This event was jointly developed by five APS units, including the Division of Soft Matter Physics (DSOFT), Topical Group on Statistical and Non-linear Physics (GSNP), Division of Polymer Physics (DPOLY), Division of Biological Physics (DBIO), and Forum of Outreach and Engaging the Public (FOEP)

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About the Program

Squishy Science Sunday is scheduled for March 3, 2024 from 11am to 3pm at the Minneapolis Convention Center. It is a free event developed for all ages. Participants will enjoy fun experiments, science demonstrations, opportunities to talk one-on-one with a physicist, and learn about statistical physics, biophysics, polymers, and soft matter.

Are you a physicist or student who is one of the 12,000 expected attendees of the upcoming March 2024 APS meeting? If so, Squishy Science Sunday is an opportunity for the physics community to share the excitement of what they do directly with the public, disseminating scientific research to curious, young minds. Interested volunteers should contact APS DSOFT directly for details.

Learn More or Get Involved:

Read the news release here.

Thank you to Dr. Rae Robertson-Anderson for sharing this opportunity with us!