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Annual Beckman Symposium

The health and safety of Symposium guests is important to us. Due to COVID-19 concerns, the 2021 Beckman Symposium has been planned as a virtual event that will take place August 5-7, 2021. Please check this page periodically for updates. Note: Most content from the 2021 Beckman Symposium will remain available on-demand through August 2022.

The Beckman Symposium is a three-day event where Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation program awardees present their newest research findings as poster or oral presentations. Attendees are given opportunities to network, learn about a broad range of research topics from their peers, and discuss career tips with invited experts from academia, industry, and medicine.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the 2021 event is being presented in a virtual space. The agenda for our second virtual Symposium is being carefully composed to feature a combination of live webinars and pre-recorded content that showcases our Beckman Young Investigators, Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellows, Beckman Scholars, Orange County Beckman Legacy Program Awardees, Cryo-EM and Advanced Light-Sheet Microscopy and Data Science Grantees, along with a research poster hall, program booths, Q+A chats and networking lounge. (And don’t forget to explore every aspect of the event to accumulate points for a chance to win prizes.)

To all attendees: Our virtual event space was developed to promote sharing of scientific knowledge and to foster collaboration. As a friendly reminder: The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation is committed to providing a safe, productive and welcoming environment for Symposium guests. All participants are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct when spending time online with other Foundation awardees, colleagues in your field, distinguished scientists from across the United States, and other guests of the Foundation. The guidelines are intended to ensure that all participants have a pleasant and productive virtual event, free from disruptions.

We hope you enjoy the 2021 Beckman Symposium!

The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all participants, guests, and Foundation staff at our offices and sponsored events, both in-person and virtual. All participants, including but not limited to, attendees, speakers, volunteers, exhibitors, Foundation staff, service providers, and others are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct. As a participant at the Foundation’s event, you will be spending time online with other Foundation awardees, colleagues in your field, distinguished scientists from across the United States, and other guests of the Foundation. The guidelines are intended to ensure that all participants have a pleasant and productive virtual event, free from disruptions.

  • View the Code of Conduct here.

Awardees are asked to participate in the poster presentations at the 2021 Beckman Symposium, which will include a scheduled, interactive component. An email with info request and instructions was initially sent out in mid-April. A series of follow-up emails was sent in the months leading up to the July submission deadline. A final email with presentation instructions and dates was emailed on July 29.

UPDATE - July 29: View the Poster Program with abstracts here. To see a list of Day 1 Poster Presenters, click here. To see a list a Day 2 Poster Presenters, click here. Please read the important information below about accessing posters in the virtual space and making live poster presentations:

Poster presentations will take place in two sessions, one on August 5 and another on August 6 from 4-6pm Pac Time. If you are participating in poster presentations, you have been assigned to present during one session. Below are some helpful instructions/information for navigating the virtual Poster Hall and making your poster presentation:

How do I view the posters and/or my poster?

Enter the virtual Poster Hall. Click on one of the poster categories. Find the poster you'd like to view and click "Open" to open the poster.

If you are having trouble reading the poster text:

  • Do not be alarmed at a gray screen - the poster could take a few seconds to load depending on the size.
  • Hold down the control (CTRL) Key and use your mouse to expand the poster.
  • If the horizontal scroll bar is not visible, use the vertical scroll bar to move to the bottom of the poster (two vertical tool bars may be visible) until you get access to the horizontal scroll bar.

How are the posters sorted?

The posters are sorted in alphabetical order by last name, indexed by (5) five Poster Categories and one main location to View all Posters.

How do I find a specific poster?

To search for a specific poster, use the search bar at the top of the page and enter a poster title, author, or keyword.

How do I get in touch with a poster author?

We have two ways to get in touch with Poster Authors: 1.) There is a Chat box to the right of each poster. You can post questions throughout the Symposium. Poster Authors can answer the questions at any time or wait to answer them during their assigned Poster Presentation date/time. Both questions and answers will be continuously displayed. The Poster Author will also be available on August 5 or August 6 from 4:00-6:00pm PDT to chat Live about their poster. Please see the Poster Presentation Day Assignment PDFs to learn Day 1 and Day 2 participants. 2.) You can also email the Poster Author directly by accessing their email address located in the listing of each of the posters by category.

How do Live Poster Presentations work?

The author of the poster will be available for live chat between 4:00pm and 6:00pm PDT on August 5 or August 6, depending on their assigned presentation day. During this time, poster authors have several options for making their presentations:

  1. Paste a link to a personal Zoom meeting in the chat box (“Join my Zoom presentation: {insert link}”). Attendees can click the link or copy/paste the URL in their browser to meet with the poster author for live presentation Q+A.
  2. Type text answers to any questions posted to the chat box.
  3. Switch from text to video chat (1:1) by clicking the name of the person who typed a question. A new window will open up. Select video chat and you will both be connected for video conference for up to 5 minutes. Both parties must be present in the poster space for video chat to work.

LabRoots has a Help Desk in the virtual space for questions.


Poster presenters will submit a pdf poster (landscape). You must complete the Poster Form with all requested information. Posters should include your name, research title, institution and the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation logo.

Action Items by July 9:

  1. The poster form must be completed and returned to [email protected].
  2. Your poster pdf must be uploaded to the Google Drive (link is provided in the Poster Form).

We look forward to your poster presentation at the 2021 Beckman Symposium!

Attention Beckman Scholars attending Symposium for the FIRST time: You will not be presenting a poster at this Symposium. When you return to Symposium for the second time, you will prepare and present your poster.

The Foundation will email instructions to all invited speakers submitting pre-recorded presentations or delivering live presentations during Symposium. All presentations must be submitted by July 16 (firm). While resources are provided below, please do not submit any presentations prior to receiving the instruction email.

UPDATE - AUG 2: View the 2021 Beckman Symposium Program here. For an at-a-glance look at the schedule of activities, click here.

UPDATE - July 29: The 2021 Beckman Symposium Program will be emailed to all registered attendees on Monday, August 2. Following email distribution, it will also be added to this tab.


We are currently working on our event agenda; check back periodically for updates.

The finalized event agenda will be contained in the 2021 Beckman Symposium Program pdf and will be emailed to all attendees who register by July 30. In addition to being posted here, a copy will also be made available in the virtual Lobby throughout all three days of Symposium.

NOTE: All Session and Zoom times listed in the program will be Pacific Time.

Q: When does the 2021 Beckman Symposium officially start? When can I enter the virtual event?

A: The virtual event site will become accessible ("open") at 6am Pacific Time on August 5. The first activity kicks off at 7:45am and the first speaker session begins at 9am that day (subject to change).

Q: Where do I go to access the virtual event once the Symposium starts?

A: Access the event through our microsite using the same link provided for registration. Questions? Email [email protected]

Q: Can I see an agenda or event program?

A: Yes! The finalized agenda will be contained within the 2021 Beckman Symposium Program pdf, and will be available in the accordion tab above this one on Aug. 2 at noon Pac Time.

Q: Do I have to use Google Chrome to access the event?

A: Although you can access the event using other browsers, some features may not work or you may not be able to view the virtual space in its entirety. For the best Symposium experience, use Google Chrome.

Q: Something came up and I'm unable to attend the virtual Symposium; can I register late/afterward and/or access the content later?

A: Yes! Use your registration link for up to 12 months after the Symposium. The content will be available on-demand.

Q: If I have trouble navigating the virtual space, can I get help?

A: Yes! In the virtual Lobby there is a Help Desk that is staffed by LabRoots, our virtual conference provider. Click to chat with a member of the LabRoots team; please be patient as they respond to requests as quickly as possible and in the order received.

Q: I'm doing a live presentation; will there be someone in the presenter studio to help with my slides or questions?

A: Yes! A member of the LabRoots team will be with you in the live presenter studio the entire time. Also, a moderator will introduce your presentation and assist with the Q+A portion.

Q: I've received the instruction email and turned in my poster; is there anything else I need to do to present it "virtually"?

A: Yes. Details about our interactive poster sessions were emailed to poster authors on July 29; be sure to add your presentation date/time to your schedule so guests can ask you questions in real time about your research poster. In addition to these scheduled, interactive sessions, and posters will be viewable/accessible during the entire Symposium in the virtual poster hall. Attendees will explore the available posters and can then choose to participate in 1:1 chat or email you with any questions (see next question below). You are not required to be in the virtual poster hall for your poster to be viewable but you must be in the poster hall to participate in live and video chat.

Q: If I'm viewing a poster and want to reach out to the author, how can I do that?

A: You have several options: 1) Attend the scheduled, interactive Poster Sessions, 2) Use the Public Chat feature to open up a discussion about the poster with anyone who is interested in participating, 3) Create a 1:1 chat with the poster author if they are in the space at the same time you are (use the icon toward the bottom of your browser window), 4) leave questions in the poster's chat box and wait for the author's reply, or 4) Send an email to the poster author if they are not currently in the space at the same time you are.

Q: How can I search for a specific person's poster or presentation?

A: Within the virtual event there is a search bar located toward the top of your browser window. Enter the person's name and all content related to that person - including posters - will display as search results.

Q: Can I preview a list of posters before entering the poster hall?

A: Yes! The Event Program pdf will be available in the virtual Lobby and include all of the poster abstracts. When you enter the poster hall, you'll then be able to View All Posters or View Posters by Category. Select an option and the posters will be listed in alphabetical order by title. The Poster Program and Day 1/Day 2 Presenters lists are also available in the accordion tab above.

Q: What can I expect as a participant in this virtual event?

A: Expect a combination of live presentation sessions and pre-recorded, on-demand content with a Poster Hall and interactive poster sessions, and some optional participation Zoom activities. We also have a Networking Lounge, some games and surveys to help you explore the space (and earn points for prizes), and an Exhibit Hall with five content-filled booths.

Q: When does the 2021 Beckman Symposium end?

A: Our final live session takes place on Saturday, August 7. However, the on-demand content will remain available for 12 months.

Q: I attended the Beckman Symposium and received a post-event survey for feedback; how long do I have to complete this?

A: The survey will be active for 2 weeks. Please provide your feedback as early as possible; the survey has been designed so that it can be completed in less than two minutes. Thanks for your feedback!