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The Revolutionary Tools Exhibit is located at the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center for the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering in Irvine, Ca. The building was made possible by a gift to the National Academies by Dr. Beckman and Mabel, and a donation of the land by his friend, Donald Bren (Irvine Company).

This exhibit shares about Dr. Beckman's life, his inventions, and the impact that he had on all of us. Following are grade-specific activities that can be completed while listening to the audio tour of the exhibit, a "listen & learn" experience. Where possible, answer keys are provided as teacher resources.

Audio Tour 1 - Welcome and Introduction

Audio Tour 2 - Young Professor at Caltech

Audio Tour 3 - Early Days of Electronics

Audio Tour 4 - The pH Meter

Audio Tour 5 - The Oxygen Analyzer

Audio Tour 6 - The DU/IR Spectrophotometer

Audio Tour 7 - Growth of the Company

Audio Tour 8 - Civic Leader

Audio Tour 9 - Younger Life

Audio Tour 10 - Conclusion

Printable PDFs

Following are four activities with printable pdfs. Where available, Spanish translations are included.

  • Activity #1 - Recommended for students in sixth through eighth grades, a reading activity about Dr. Arnold O. Beckman
  • Activity #2 - Recommended for sixth grade students, a Matching Terms worksheet
  • Activity #3 - Recommended for seventh grade students, a Crossword Puzzle worksheet including word bank
  • Activity #4 - Recommended for eighth grade students, a Notetaking Worksheet for writing an informational essay

Answer Keys

The following answer keys were developed as teacher resources. Answer keys are provided for all activity worksheets with closed-end answers. Where available, Spanish translations are included.

Sources // Contributors

These activities were developed using inspiration from the Revolutionary Tools Exhibit at Beckman Center and reference material from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation. Thank you to the following contributors and content curators: Christopher Gear, Alison Mondrach, M. Ed., Scott Pawlowski, Kaerie Ray, Kelsey Talbot, Nicole Zawadzki, and Mariana Zechini.

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