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Beckman Foundation Announces Funding for Breakthrough Microscope Technology

Congratulations to the five Research Institutions selected to receive the Foundation's $12.5 million investment in cryogenic-electron microscopes this year.

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The funding will go toward installing state-of-the-art Cryo-EM instrumentation at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, University of Utah and University of Washington School of Medicine, which were selected in a competitive process based on their potential to accelerate fundamental research and discovery already underway. All five award winners have also committed to a new junior faculty hire in the area of Cryo-EM, as well as facility upgrades and operational costs to ensure that the microscopes are used to their full potential.

Cryo-EM microscopes have generated excitement in the field of structural biology because of their ability to reveal an unprecedented level of detail of molecules, better enabling scientists to conduct advanced research and address important biological issues. The Foundation is eager to support Cryo-EM initiatives at some of the nation’s foremost research universities and increase scientists’ access to these leading-edge instruments.

The funds will be provided to the universities this spring, allowing for microscope installation by Fall 2018.