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First “Beckman Family” Awardee Community Support Grant Issued To BYI Katherine Davis

Katherine Davis, PhD and the Davis Lab at Emory University will host a booth titled, “What are proteins and how can we see them?” at the March 2024 Exploration Expo of the Atlanta Science Festival with funding from the first “Beckman Family” Awardee Community Support Grants. This program is open to all current Foundation grant awardees, specifically from the Beckman Scholars Program, Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellowship, Beckman Young Investigator, and Instrument Grants programs. As a current Beckman awardee, if you are actively engaged as a volunteer or Board member in a youth STEM/STEAM organization in your local area, you may apply to this program for funding of up to $5,000 for a particular project with that organization. See additional details here.

katherine davis