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Three Beckman Scholars Turn Student Poster Presentation into Rare Collaboration between College and Industry

Beckman Scholars Chris AmEnde ('02), Nicholas Ball ('03) & Cristian Woroch ('18) brought together Pomona College and Pfizer to introduce a new method toward sulfonamides from sulfonyl fluorides using a calcium salt. The rare collaboration between a small liberal arts college and industry resulted in the first method to use a single set of reaction conditions for the transformation - and may highlight the sulfonyl fluoride as a useful precursor to sulfonylation reactions.


A method using calcium triflimide [Ca(NTf2)2] as a Lewis acid to activate sulfonyl fluorides toward nucleophilic addition with amines is described. The reaction converts a wide array of sterically and electronically diverse sulfonyl fluorides and amines into the corresponding sulfonamides in good yield.


Organic Letters, 2018

Sulfonamide Synthesis via Calcium Triflimide Activation of Sulfonyl Fluorides