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Nicholas Ball W-1199

Prof. Nicholas Ball, PhD

  • Award Recipient
  • Executive Committee - Bsp
  • Jedi Committee Member

Research Summary

The Ball Laboratory is interested in developing new metal-catalyzed/-mediated organic reactions. Our focus is to develop methodologies to make and activate sulfur(VI) fluorides. In particular we are interested in using sulfur (VI) fluorides as a more air and water stable alternative to traditional synthesis of sulfur-based organic molecules used in synthesis, medicinal chemistry and materials. We are deeply curious not only developing new reactions, but understanding how they work. Furthermore we are interested in developing predictive computational tools to help predict if reactions will occur (machine learning) and using light and electricity to make organic compounds.

As a past Beckman Scholar, I am honored to be apart of Beckman Scholars Program (BSP) Executive Committee. Engaging in undergraduate research was pivotal in my development as a scientist and the program had an indelible impact on my career. There is no substitution for the experience of engaging talented undergraduates in research toward diversifying and strengthening our scientific pipeline.

Prof. Nicholas Ball, PhD
Research Title:

Scope and Limitations of a Modified Sonogashira Cross-coupling Protocol: Development of Synthetic Orthogonality

Award Year: 2003
Institution at Time of Award: Macalester College