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April Agee-Carroll W-0374

Dr. April Agee-Carroll, PhD

  • Award Recipient

Research Summary

April Agee Carroll is the Nursery Design and Data Strategy Lead for Bayer Crop Science’s Pacific-West Global Breeding and Biotechnology organizations. Her team enables data-driven pipeline decisions based on genomic analysis and crop performance. Carroll formerly served Purdue University as Director of Phenomics, leading design and launch of field and controlled environment phenotyping facilities. As well as academia, she has led industry teams ranging from big ag in the corn belt on phenotyping in greenhouses with Corteva, to a startup outside New York City (AeroFarms) on product development in indoor urban farming. Her PhD and post-doctoral research were in automated imaging applications for plant genetics and chemical genomics at UC Riverside under Distinguished Professor Natasha Raikhel. April is active in various scientific innovation, outreach and education efforts both inside Bayer and externally with the North American Plant Phenotyping Network, Phenome conferences, and with Purdue as an adjunct faculty member.

The Beckman Scholars Program was a pivotal moment in my life, leading me to a successful and satisfying career in Plant Science. Every day, I help get us one step closer to feeding the world!

Dr. April Agee-Carroll, PhD
Research Title:

Award Year: 2000
Institution at Time of Award: California State University, Fullerton