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Arun Sethuraman W-2154

Prof. Arun Sethuraman, PhD

  • Executive Committee - Bsp

Research Summary

The Sethuraman Lab develops and applies new statistical methods and computational tools to estimate evolutionary history from population-scale genomic data. We are specifically interested in the genomics of structured populations, and estimating signatures of drift, admixture, and selection. These tools are widely applied in the fields of conservation, agriculture, forensics, genetic ancestry, and the study of human evolution.

Undergraduate research scholars have been imperative to pushing new discoveries from my lab. Programs like the BSP that actively encourage, engage, reward, and recognize this next generation of scientists are key to building the foundations of our future. I'm honored to be a part of the BSP's Executive Committee and look forward to serving with the team in celebrating Dr. Beckman's vision through new and continuing awards.

Prof. Arun Sethuraman, PhD