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Christina Cooley W-2292

Prof. Christina Cooley, PhD

  • Executive Committee - Bsp

Research Summary

The Cooley Lab is an interdisciplinary undergraduate research program that applies the power of synthetic organic chemistry to impact related fields including polymer chemistry, medicinal chemistry and biology. Current major project areas include the development of fluorogenic radical polymerization reactions as platforms for signal amplification and biodetection, and applications to fluorescence as a method for real-time polymer characterization. We are also developing prodrug scaffolds activated by reactive oxygen species for disease-targeted therapeutic delivery.

As someone who personally benefited from formative undergraduate research opportunities and is now living my dream of leading an undergraduate research laboratory, I am honored to serve as part of the BSP's Executive Committee. The Foundation's support of research experiences at the undergraduate level help to launch the careers of future scientists and contribute to upholding the ideals of excellence in all pursuits that Dr. Beckman envisioned for our collective future.

Prof. Christina Cooley, PhD