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Margaret Saha W-1841

Prof. Margaret Saha, PhD

  • Executive Committee - Bsp

Research Summary

Research in the Saha lab focuses on understanding the molecular genetic mechanisms underlying early embryonic plasticity of the developing nervous system, specifically the processes by which embryos respond to and recover from perturbations—genetic, physical, and environmental. We seek to uncover the basis for the remarkable degree of robustness of early embryonic cells through a variety of techniques including RNA-Seq analysis and confocal time course imaging of gene expression. Our work points to the key roles of calcium signaling, the Notch pathway, and innate immunity genes.

It is a huge honor to serve on the Beckman Scholars Program Executive Committee. Dr. Arnold Beckman is as much of an inspiration today as he was throughout his spectacular career. Innovative, multidisciplinary, creative in ways that combined basic science with engineering, he utilized his science to make the world a better place. He exemplifies the creativity and excellence that the Beckman Scholars Program promotes and it is a joy to participate in supporting the next generation of scientists as they begin their research careers.

Prof. Margaret Saha, PhD