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Advances in instrumentation and methods have revolutionized applications of cryogenic electron microscopy (Cryo-EM) to determine atomic structures of biological samples that are currently beyond the reach of other structural biology methods. However, the expense of the instrumentation is a major roadblock to increasing access to this technology.

In 2016, the Foundation provided 5 grants of $2.5M each that could be used for:

  • Purchase costs of new Cryo-EM instrumentation
  • Support for a junior faculty hire in structural biology
  • Operational expenses

Following a competitive proposal review process, the following 5 Institutions were selected for awards:

  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, PI: James Berger
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PI: Thomas Schwartz
  • University of Pennsylvania, PI: Vera Moiseenkova-Bell
  • University of Utah, PI: Wes Sundquist
  • University of Washington, PI: Justin Kollman