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How-to articles, templates, and useful links for early career archivists and museum professionals

Articles, Case Study & Video


In this article, we detail how to begin sharing artifacts from your archive or museum with an online community. Download the article PDF:

Ray, Kaerie. “A Quick Start Social Media Primer for Early Career Archivists.” SCA Newsletter no. 183 (Summer 2022): 12-13.


In this article, we share how to begin curating small exhibits as a precursor to larger projects. Download the article PDF:

Ray, Kaerie. “Curating Trios: Making a Big Impression with a Small Exhibit.” SCA Newsletter no. 187 (Summer 2023): 9-10.

case study

In this case study we use our special installation at Beckman Center as a walkthrough on how to achieve impactful exhibits through small space design. Download the article PDF:

Ray, Kaerie. "Visual Storytelling in Small Spaces: Arnold O. Beckman at Work." History News 77, no. 4 (2022): 22-27.

getting started

In this video presentation, learn how to increase access to your collections by creating online lesson plans from inventory. Beckman Foundation's Let's Learn Science lesson plans for 6th-8th grade students and teachers, available on this site, are used as examples. Download a PDF recap of the video how-to:

Template Forms


A Temporary Custody Receipt is prepared when an organization holds an artifact listed for acquisition review. If accepted into the collection, a Deed of Gift is completed. If not accepted into the collection, the artifact or object is returned according to the terms included with the Temporary Custody Receipt (determined by the organization). Download the customizable template:

A Donor Questionnaire is employed when an artifact is transferred to the archive or museum. It helps the receiving organization better understand the who, what, when, where, why surrounding the artifact. Download the customizable template:

A Deed of Gift is a signed, legal document that transfers property from one person or organization to another. Download the customizable template:

Inventory is a method used to record the contents of a collection and may include information such as description and location. This is especially helpful for assessing the condition of items in the collection. Download the customizable template:

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